Our Team


Rohan Bindu

 I am currently a junior at Evergreen Valley High School. I am a starter for EVHS’s varsity basketball team and have been playing the sport for almost 9 years. Along with playing basketball, I also take pleasure in helping others in need and volunteering at different institutions. Both of these hobbies of mine are what led my friends and I to create this non-profit charity basketball tournament. Our first tournament was launched in 2017 and was a huge success. This event will help children in need, while making it fun for the fans of basketball who will play.

Rahul Mamtora

 I am a junior at St. Francis High School. I’ve been playing basketball since first grade and have seen how every aspect of basketball can be translated into a value of life, The value of being unselfish is where the CVC tournament fits in. I look forward to giving back to those in need through this tournament, while enjoying the game I love so much. Mixing creativity, sports, and charity will always result in a dope product. After a successful CVC 2017, I promise CVC 2018 will only be better.

Radhir Chenna

I am currently a junior at Evergreen Valley High School. Basketball has been my passion for six years and last year I had the opportunity to share my love for basketball to an immense amount of people through this event. I am currently the starter for the varsity basketball team and my team and I had a great season last year. Basketball has been an important aspect of my life for nearly six years and it would be my dream to share my experiences with you at this event again

Rishi Gandham

I am currently a junior at Evergreen Valley High School. I am on my school’s varsity tennis team. Everyone who knows me knows that sports have been my passion for my whole life. Additionally, I enjoy creative projects like CVC in which I can contribute to an amazing cause while integrating my passion. Although I don’t play basketball, I do love watching the sport. My goal for this year is to create yet another vibrant atmosphere for CVC and share another unforgettable experience with our audience.