2018 FAQs


Questions :


  1. How long is the event?  The event will run throughout most of the day, lasting from 9-5

  2. Can teams of 4 join? We would love to have teams of 4, but the team must be willing to sub each other out.

  3. Can we do individual registrations? Yes, you can register individually, each individual cost is $15

  4. Since it’s an all day event will food be provided? Yes we will have a lot of delicious foods and snacks available for very low costs.

  5. Is there a liability form? Yes every single player will sign a liability form.

  6. Are girls allowed to play? Yes this is a co-ed tournament, anybody can play and have a great time.

  7. Last year you had a special guest show up, who is coming this year? Last year we had Hall of Fame NFL player Patrick Willis show up, for this year, you will have to come to see..




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